Surprise Yourself By Taking Chances

How many times did you have a discussion after? You 're trying to get someone to do it, and they're saying "No, I don't like it." You ask them how many times they have actually done that thing and they eventually admit they never have, but still maintain that they know they wouldn’t like it. That is the way that many of us behave when it comes to food, and especially healthy food.

The basic truth about eating good is that it means widening your repertoire a bit. All of us are going to be bellyache trying a new meal, but we prefer what we're used to.
The foods we've been consuming for years have been new to us already, too, and the problem is one of being stuck in our ways. When you try something different every once and a while, you will get more acquainted with the range and pick the latest stuff that you really want.

There's no use in bashing your head against a brick wall trying to cultivate a taste for what you don't want. But you're never going to know if you want it until you finally try it. This is especially true of international cuisine. It may look odd, but millions of people eat it daily, and it can hardly be poisonous.

Taking a leap of faith and eating another meal isn't going to be your downfall, but why don't you try something new once a week and shock yourself with how much you love it?
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