Eating disorders – The Terrifying Facts

While it is generally accepted that eating healthily and exercising is the only truly reliable way to avoid weight gain, the truth is that for many people this seems like a hell of grind. It takes a lot of effort, and it can be a while before you see substantial results from it – so it becomes more attractive to take a short cut!

The most troubling "alternative" to healthy food is eating disorders. Anorexia is most often preferred for people who believe like balanced food often requires too much calories. Although associated primarily with teenage girls and young women, anorexia is not limited to that section of society.
Bulimia, a disease originating from the same background as anorexia, is extremely widespread. Patients with bulimia will feed when anorexics are hungry, and will sometimes starve to the point that they are uncomfortably full before vomiting to ensure the food is not digested. Although both anorexia and bulimia allow sufferers to shed weight and stay away from it, they hold some real risks.

Though many consider it the glittering prize to be slim, it's at a price. If you don't eat the right nutrients or purge them by vomiting, it's impossible to keep your skin and hair clear, healthy and your energy levels will go through the floor. Anorexics or bulimia sufferers are also unlikely to reach a point where they feel thin enough and many can go to the point of killing themselves through malnutrition.
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